Stop # 13:    Pecan Street Brewing (PSB), a Brew Pub located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country on the Historic Town Square of Johnson City (which is also known as the Gateway to the Texas Wine Trail). PSB is a place to flip your “chill switch” and relax while connecting with friends (new & old) in a casual atmosphere, just like they did in the old days. It is located in the old Blanco County Supply and Hardware building, which was established in the early 50's. Originally, it was a hardware and supply store and “unofficially” the gathering place where folks would get together to drink coffee and swap stories. Now the gathering continues… but the beverage of choice is a nice cold one, to be enjoyed in the restaurant, beer garden or while dancing to one of the many live bands featured every weekend.

Stop # 11:    The Arc de Texas® is a world-class wine bar and tasting room with a menu spanning the globe, and views spanning the Texas Hill Country.  The Arc is situated on Lighthouse Hill Ranch, a 2,000 acre private ranch just a few miles south of Johnson City, Texas. We are visited often by numerous Hill Country wine tours, including several Fredricksburg wine tours (this is on the way to the Fredericksburg wineries).

Stop #3:    Ron Yates is located on US 290 between Johnson City and Hye, Texas, and opened mid-September 2016 for appointments. From what we learned at the media event, a pavilion will soon be built on the 15.8 acre site to handle tastings with a 5,000 square-foot tasting room being built later including a large underground cellar for aging the wines in barrels. Once the tasting room is open, the pavilion will then become the wine club area. Along with the pavilion, plans are to build a swimming pool with rentable cabanas and an outdoor kitchen near the pavilion.

Texas Hill Country

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Stop # 14:    Hahne Estates Winery is committed to specializing in celebrating the fruit of the vine with a quality product in a three-phase process. Our Texas winemaker’s legacy to the Texas White House of LBJ will provide a unique attraction to our customers.  Hahne Estates Winery is the establishment of Tasting Room in a high traffic tourist area at 104 Pecan St, Johnson City,TX.  Our customers will be received by a friendly and knowledgeable staff eager to educate and welcome each one. We will focus on hosting special events and attracting a wide array of clientele. We aim to make Hahne Estates Winery a household name with a well-received label. Our motto is: “Quality not quantity.”

Stop #2:    Vinovium.  Négociant [nay-goh-SYAHN], which is French for “merchant” or “dealer,” is a wine term so intrinsic to the world of wine that it would be hard to comprehend what wine would be like today if it weren’t for this profession.  Négociants date back to the 11th century in France, where today roughly 70% of all wine produced is made by, handled by or marketed by a négociant. A négociant is a wine regions service provider, ambassador and partner to bring that region’s wines to market; whether locally, nationally or internationally.  We’re Vinovium Partners, your Texas négociant.

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Starting Point (SP):  Bryans on 290.  My love for cooking began at my first Boy Scout’s outing – cooking over an open fire.  After attending the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts and working under several James Beard award winning chefs, live fire cookery has become my signature trademark.  I am honored to call Johnson City home and a place where I can get back to my roots in the kitchen.  My team and I welcome you to our place – Bryans on 290.

Stop # 12:    Texas Hills Vineyard.  Our motto "Wine to Share with Friends". We strive to make your visit one of the best winery experiences you have ever had. We are proud to serve you our all Texas award winning wines.           

Stop # 1:    290 Vinery.  Opened in July 2015, we are a new winery in Johnson City. We currently offer wines from nine Texas wineries as well as wines from all over the US and the world. Our selection of fine wines is unique on the 290 Wine Trail. We average about 100 different brands and varietals and have at least 15 different wines available for tasting or by the glass.  We change our tasting menu every three to four weeks so different wines are available for each visit.