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Texas Hill Country

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Shuttle Operating Procedures & FAQ's

  Q:  How many venues (Winery, Brewery, and Distillery) are available to visit?
  A:  There are 12 venues (6 Wineries, 2 Breweries, & 4 Distilleries) within our Tri-City area between Blanco, Johnson City and Hye Texas.

 Q:  What is the expected time spent at each venue?
  A:  Customers will spend an average of 60 minutes at each venue.

  Q:  What is the maximum number of venues one could visit on a single day?

  A:  If a customer boards Shuttle and spends no more that 60 minutes at each venue, he/she would visit six different venues over an eight hour period (travel time included).  

  Q:  Are Private Tours an option?
  A:  Yes. Private tours are available seven days a week, private group size must be 8 or larger.  Simply go to 281WineTours.com or call 830-202-0697.

  Q:  What is the expected expense at each venue for tastings and meals?

  A:  Price for tastings will range between $10.00 - $ 20.00 per person and meals will range between $15.00 - $25.00 per person. Customers are responsible to pay for their own tasting and meals.  

  Q:  Does Johnson City Shuttle follow a specific route?
  A:  Yes. Click the link Destination and review map.

  Q:  Can customers make online purchase in advance?
  A:  Yes, simply present your Receipt Number last four digits to the driver using personal Android or iPhone.  Driver will have a list of confirmation numbers for final verification.

  Q:  Can customers smoke or vape while riding on the shuttle?

  A:  No.

  Q:  Can customers under the age of 21 ride on the shuttle?

  A:  Yes.  Passengers 17 years of age and under must wear a seatbelt and must be accompanied by an adult 21 years of age or older.

  Q:  Are passengers under 21 years of age required to pay?

  A:  Yes.  Customers between 7 and 20 years old will be charged only $5.00 each, passengers 6 years and younger can board the shuttle for FREE. 

  Q:  Can customers consume alcoholic beverages while riding on the shuttle?

  A:  No.  All customers must dispose of their alcoholic beverages prior to boarding shuttle.  Please tour & drink responsibly.  We have the right to deny transport services to any customer/s who violate TABC posted rules at each venue.  Refunds will not be provided.

  Q:  Do venues (e.g. Winery, Brewing Co. and Distilling Co.) have the right to refuse service.

  A:  Yes.  If any venue refuses to provide service, Johnson City Shuttle will not refund any part of their payment regardless how many or how few venue's a customer has visited.